Growth of a Librarian

Reflecting 2
October 23, 2011, 6:15 pm
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The very first thought that strikes me about cpd23 at the moment is that I have fallen behind!  This pains me somewhat, since I like to be organised and timely, but circumstances being what they are lately I don’t have any guilt on the matter.

Despite falling behind, I definitely want to finish the programme because it has introduced so many interesting gadgets, ideas, etc.  Those 23 things have been pretty interesting so far and made me aware of a lot of new gadgets and applications that I never knew existed.

Interesting as this whole process has been how been, however, I don’t feel as thought I have actually implemented many of the things in ways that changes my workflow or professional life at all.

The blog has still been my favorite part of the experience, both as a way to reflect on aspects of librarianship and a way to find out what other professionals are doing out there.  Reading blogs, commenting, and working through cpd23 has definitely given me a stronger sense of being part of a profession of networked individuals.

As for using the various social media platforms and internet-based tools, I’ve explored each and implemented some but not used any in what I would consider a truly professional capacity.  In a lot of ways I feel as though I am storing away the information about a lot of these things so that I know they’re out there in case I ever come across a project or situation where I need them.  The things I’ve used the most have probably been in the realm of social media, like Twitter and Linked In, which I’ve put ongoing time into exploring, although I still feel somewhat unsure as to their ultimate usefulness for me as an individual.


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