Growth of a Librarian

October 9, 2011, 12:55 pm
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I am totally amazed by Prezi, never having seen it before, and preferring the interactive style to traditional slides.  Although I would love to say that I intend it immediately take it up, I have to admit that I have the sinking feeling that any presentation I attempted to desgin would be less than impressive.  I have a very linear mind, and am not sure I’d be able to set up a circular or webbed desgin that actually works.  That may be part of why I found the presentations (especially the first one) linked to the cpd23 blog so very impressive.  Definitely a style I would struggle to achieve.  But I am curious enough to want to try playing around with it.  As part of my dissertation I developed a series of training slides (traditional powerpoint) which I would be curious to see if I could improve with Prezi.  It would be a nice extension of the project to offer an online training format (although for reasons exhaustively discussed in said dissertation, in person training is far preferrable to online training in this case).

As for slideshare, I can immediately see the benefit of making presentations public.  It’s always nice to see what others have done (especially when it has been done well) when attempting to develop a new training or educational session, and I can definitely see myself making use of such a resource in the future.  It seems like a resource that would be quite useful to teachers in developing new lessons too, and I may have to spread the word to some of my education friends!  At the moment I have my dissertation on the brain, however, so I immediately saw the potential application of posting the training developed for that.  Librarians at institutions similar to the one considered in my dissertation have expressed interest in the results of my research, and I always think it is nice to be able to reinforce any training with materials that attendees can look over at home as reminders of the key aspects covered.  The application of slideshare for resumes, meanwhile, while inspiring and quite frankly more fun than writing a traditional paper resume, seems to me to still be a largely niche market.  If I was hiring someone as a consultant of some kind for technical or marketing issues then an online resume would definitely draw me in.  In a more traditional environment I doubt electronic resumes have reached the point of replacing their traditional counterparts, but they would presumably make a nice companion to add a memorable spark.


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