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July 29, 2011, 10:55 am
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Luckily I already have some experience with Google Calendar, I’ve used it to plan trips before!  While I have been living overseas I’ve had the opportunity and responsibility of several trips home and several visits from family and friends in which everyone involved wanted to pack as much as possible into the time available.  My partner, being the brilliant organizer in the household, swiftly creates a Google Calendar for each trip so that we can all add ideas and notes for what to see and do.  By sloting in activities and commitments we’re able to map out a schedule that fits in as much as possible in the time allocated.

Although I’ve not used Google Calendar for work purposes, I can definitely see the appeal, since it is straightforward to use and keeps everyone in the loop.  Several group projects that I was involved in while working on my MA were absolutely saved by Google Docs, which had the similar advantage of allowing everyone in the group to add material and keep up-to-date in a central location.  And I’m a fan of calendars in general, whether they are standard paper ones (I have three!) or electronic ones which I use to chart a particular project (like a trip or currently, my dissertation!), so I’m immediately won over by the combination of a personalize-able calendar with the unique sharing advantages of Google Docs.


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Love the idea of using Google Calendar for trips! My partner will be thrilled to know our holidays are about to get even more organised.

Comment by Gemma

I agree – that’s a really good idea to use Google calendar for personal things like holiday planning and so on. I think I get so caught up in thinking about how I could apply everything in the workplace that I overlook other just as valid uses! Thanks for that!

Comment by Law_Lib_Extraordinaire

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