Growth of a Librarian

July 15, 2011, 3:55 pm
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At first I thought the timing of this week of reflection couldn’t be better, because it seemed like an easy Thing to do and I’m busy with other things this week.  I have realized, however, that there’s more to reflective practice than just having a week off, so I’ve been putting off this entry until I could take the time to reflect properly.  One of the blogs suggested in the original Thing 5 post really helped me get my head around the idea by offering lots of different models (my favorite was Kolb), so already I’ve learned something this week and I haven’t even begun dissecting what I learned from the other Things!

So far I have enjoyed the Things focused on blogs most; especially reading others’ blogs and getting a sense of all the variety of librarians taking part.  Setting up this blog and thinking about my personal brand has taught me a lot too.  Although I’m still not entirely sure where I stand in terms of a personal brand, exploring the issue provided a lot of food for thought.  Setting up a Twitter account and learning to use it was obviously a new experience, but I am still not entirely convinced that it is working for me.  There seems to be some agreement that it takes a little while to come to terms with Twitter, however, so I am waiting to see if it suddenly clicks and starts to make more sense.  My appreciation of RSS feeds has been reinforced partially in comparison with Twitter (maybe I just don’t think well in snippets?) and partially as I have gone through and deleted and added different feeds so that the information it produces is increasingly relevant and interesting.  I was also inspired, somewhat tangentially, to revisit and reorganize my Delicious page after deciding to give Pushnote a miss.

In a lot of ways it feels like working on the combination of the Things so far means that my electronic librarian tool box has been spruced up, dusted off, and put in working order.  Moving forward I know it is important to maintain my levels of use with all these tools, so that they don’t get rusty.  I’m hopeful that continuing and evolving use should mean that I continue to get the benefits out of them and to discover more complex ways to use them.


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I don’t think I could give up RSS for Twitter at this point either. I simply cannot stay connected to Twitter all day long without my brain exploding, so my chances to see the things I want to read are hit-or-miss. I love that Google Reader will keep the stories waiting there for me so that I can read them on my own time. Of course, it also drives me crazy when there are 100s of things to read!

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