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June 21, 2011, 4:51 pm
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After registering this blog with the cpd23 people, I went off to have a look at what others are writing. A quick look at some law/legal blogs made me feel quite the novice (although they’ll definitely be good sources of information). Luckily I then came across Odd Librarian Out and felt strangely reassured by the calm appraisal of the scary side of blogging followed by the reasons to give it a try.  It’s also nice to see how many people are getting on board with this project, from various sectors and countries.  There are several blogs from the USA (a particular favorite was MLIS Tales), which means that this project might provide me with the opportunity not only to network in the UK, but also the unexpected ability to keep in touch with the hot topics at ‘home’.

After perusing a few blogs, I noticed upon returning to the 23things delicious page that my blog had already been listed.  Very impressive turn-around time, although this means there’s no going back now!

Shortly after that I got my first comment!  This was an immense boost to my confidence, especially as the poster was totally non-frightening and very supportive.  Upon having a look at Growing a Library I was further reassured to find that this was another blogger well worth following – upbeat and willing to admit to being a tad shy too 🙂

Already increasingly enjoying this exercise!


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Hi there

Thanks for having a look at my blog! I am very new to blogging as well so I totally understand how you’re feeling in that respect! It’s really nice to ‘meet’ someone else who is in or almost in – fingers crossed! – the law library sector. Please don’t be intimidated – I am not scary at all!!! :)) If there is anything at all you want to know at any time, please do give me a shout! In the meantime I look forward to following your blog!

Comment by Bev

That first comment is such a cool feeling, isn’t it? Could get addictive! Here’s to being outside the comfort zone…

Comment by Nicole Brock

Hi all,

Just wanted to say hello as I think a couple of you have checked out my blog. It’s all rather entertaining, isn’t it. A little bit scary, a little bit random but so far rather a lot of fun.

Comment by libranlawlibrarian

Hi Erin, well thank you for being the first person to comment on my blog! I’ve never blogged before and it was rather strange doing my first post and putting myself “out there” [so to speak], but it was so nice to receive your comment. Yes the museum is a lovely place to work and having to trek through Impressionist art galleries to get to the finance dept still has yet to lose its novelty 🙂

Comment by Jenny

I’m also finding it reassuring to see so many posts from librarians who admit to being shy! And I agree that it’s kind of amazing how many librarians from a wide range of regions are participating – it’s nice to get some international perspective!

Comment by Angela Pashia

Thanks for reading my blog as well! 🙂

Comment by learningdutch

Thanks for checking out my blog!
I can empathize with that ‘fish out of water’ feeling when it comes to blogging, especially when I feel like an infant in this field myself.
What makes it fun is finding out that there are awfully nice people out there who want to talk with you – I’m constantly amazed at how many supportive and enthusiastic librarians I’ve met over the years.
I look forward to following your blog, and many congrats on the job offer!

Comment by Cobalt

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